Pricing plans for advertisements

There are two types of advertisements:

  • Standard-Ads and
  • Premium-Ads

Premium Job Posts: Get better visibility and improve the chance of getting more exposure. Premium Posts are always displayed on top of the main page with highlighted colors.

Standard Job Posts: Standard job posts are displayed below premium posts, in default colors.

As an extra, Premium Job Posts are displayed up to 150 days, Standard Job Posts will be online for 120 days.


And: Register now, as for a limited time only you will get credit points for free Job Posts upon registration!


Advertisements for apprenticeships will be free of charge; credits points to put them online can made available only upon request by e-mail to 


 Price Plans (as of Spring 2014; Prices in Swiss Francs; will be converted to your currecy upon payment. 1 Swiss Franc = approx. 1 USD):



Option # of Ads Price
1 60.00 CHF
2 110.00 CHF
3 160.00 CHF
999 500.00 CHF




Option # of Ads Price
1 90.00 CHF
2 170.00 CHF
3 240.00 CHF
999 700.00 CHF



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